Why Novation?

The vision behind creating Novation Title is to create an environment that is completely different for the people. For the consumers, the clients and the employees. Title insurance is the same coverage for the most part and where we can be a difference is by creating an extraordinary experience for everyone.

We value the team concept, we understand that we are not here as individuals but are here as a group and as one. It is important that you know we are committed to your team and we are in this together. We have coaching within our company to where we collectively strive to get better each and every day. We are creators of possibilities and people of integrity. We celebrate diversity and achievement and want to inspire around us.


We believe in making an impact and having purpose within our community. Whether we are protecting Real Estate investments, giving back to our surroundings or creating opportunity and growth for others. We are here to redefine the experience.


Innovation • Diversity • Integrity • Self-Development • Experience • Contribution


To create an experience that our industry has never seen before. To develop individuals to live by their full potential in all areas of life. To have unlimited growth and make an impact in people’s lives for the better. To empower our team members to dream big so together we can make a difference in our world.

Services We Provide


We are the neutral party between consumers who purchase, sale or refinance a property and everyone else throughout the transaction. We explain all of necessary documents at the time of signing.


We have the fiduciary duty to the transaction so we collect and disburse most funds that are a part of the transaction. Including your down payment, cash to close, sale proceeds and at times earnest money.

Title Insurance

We provide a title insurance policy. We protect real estate owners and lenders against any property loss or damage they might experience because of liens, encumbrances or defects in the title to the property.

Our People

Corporate Office

6955 South Union park Ctr #210
Salt Lake City, UT 84047

Nuria Rivera
Nuria RiveraOwner
Nuria has been in the Title and Escrow business since 2006. Nuria came to this country when she was 11 years old and learned a new culture and language. Her family comes from Spain and Mexico and she feels grateful to have an understanding of three different cultures and feels a connection to all of them. She feels her purpose in life is to develop, inspire and empower our world. She loves to read, evolve and learn! The reason for creating Novation Title for her is all about redefining the experience for people including employees of this company through her strong leadership. Being a Millennial, Nuria feels she has created a completely different company in a non-traditional way. Nuria loves art, running, yoga and spending time developing and coaching people.
Heidi Leffler
Heidi LefflerSenior Escrow Assistant
Heidi has been in the title business for over 13 years. She has been working with Nuria for over 3 years and her calm personality is a great balance for everyone. She is quick to step in to make sure our clients are receiving excellent customer service. Her attention to detail and fast response time is something so needed for the experience we are creating. She loves spending time with her family and going camping. Heidi is a very loyal person, good listener and has a dry sense of humor that brings our office many laughs and takes us by surprises. Our clients love Heidi and so do we!
Shannon Haacke
Shannon HaackeTeam Leader
Shannon is extremely proactive at her job and super detail oriented. She loves spreadsheets and organizing! Shannon has a strong background in managing offices at a district level. Her passion for loving where she works is extremely important for her as we are together for many hours of the day. She has many strengths but some include, incorporating practices to streamline processes and procedures, improving customer service, sales and workflow. She joined Novation Title because she wanted a challenge and has always wanted to work in the real estate industry. She loves to spend time with her husband and one of her goals is to travel more. She is very honest, kind, hardworking, and she loves to help others. We have a gem!
Heidi Evans
Heidi EvansFunder/Escrow Officer
Heidi is a Salt Lake native. What has kept Heidi in the Title industry for over 17 years? Watching the success of others as well as the ability to constantly be learning gave her the drive to keep moving up! She is a part of the Martindale Team and is a tremendous asset to our company. Due to her knowledge on every different type of transaction that comes along, everyone needs her expertise. Heidi’s strengths are many but one that really helps us is her ability to keep things moving calmly when we have high stress days. Thank you for being kind, honest, and thoughtful and for your calming energy!
Brittany Jensen
Brittany JensenRelationship Rep
We are so happy to have Brittany with us! She is an entrepreneur and owns her own esthetics business. While her company is running on its own, Brittany is here to help Novation build relationships to serve our community. The reason she got involved in this industry was to help redefine the experience with our amazing team! Britt grew up in Seattle WA but has lived in UT for over 20 years. She is also married and has 3 kids who she loves spending time with! Through her natural charisma and true care for people and connecting with them, Brittany is completely in alignment to who we are and our culture. She represents us so well!
Joe Cespedes
Joe CespedesEscrow Officer
California born Joe has been helping our team for over 7 years in different ways and we are so proud to have him officially on our team! We have loved having his positive personality around and so do our clients. Joe has been in the industry for over 14 years and he is all about our clients! Joe is originally from California and although he loves the beach he also loves the mountains here in UT. Some of his hobbies are hiking, biking, snowboarding, golf and white water rafting. We are proud to have Joe on our team and people love him because he always wants to make everyone happy, is very honest and truly cares for all of us. Joe is an amazing escrow officer and we are lucky to have him on our team!
Frank Medina
Frank MedinaTitle Underwriter Director
We hit the jack pot with Frank coming over to Novation. He has been in the industry for over 48 years! WHAT? Yes you heard right over 48 years! Frank knows almost everything that there is to know about any type of situation in the title business. He is originally from California and started his title career there. We feel so lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge inside our doors and the education he is providing for our staff is invaluable. If our clients have any type of challenge we are very confident that Frank can come to the rescue! He is a good listener, problem solver and so willing to help others. His passion is to travel the world and he also loves gardening. Frank is amazing!
Sayra Underhill
Sayra UnderhillRelationship Rep
Habla Español! All the way from Torreon Mexico we bring you Sayra! She is a perfect fit with our culture and super motivated and driven to build something big for herself. Her background is in mortgages with 10+ years which is super helpful in the closing room. She loves people and is authentic in her relationships she truly cares for others. She loves hiking, traveling, selling clothing online, food and serving the community. Her qualities are she is a good story teller, flexible and super optimistic. Lucky to have her!
Cyndi Burrola
Cyndi BurrolaEscrow Officer
Cyndi has over 23 years of experience in the Title Industry and Mortgage Industry. Her understanding of Underwriting and Title processes give her in incredible ability to problem solve with ease. She loves to hike, run and watch baseball on her free time. Cyndi is such a caring person and a great listener, it was a no brainer to bring her on our team!! We love having her at Novation reshaping the industry and redefining Title for our clients.
Kristi Bowdish
Kristi BowdishEscrow Officer
Although Kristi grew up in Aurora CO, she was born her in SLC. Her reason for getting into the Title industry was that she wanted a job that dealt with numbers so she made that happen back in 2002. Kristi is a positive energy around the office, her personality is contagious and is super helpful to all. She has great people skills, is loving, open minded and patient. She loves traveling, gardening, camping and has a motorcycle! Get to know this thrill seeker.
Emily Stahura
Emily StahuraEscrow Assistant
Emily is a UT native and the way she was introduced to the business was through her family who invests in Real Estate. She wanted a job where she could learn and grow within the industry. She got involved with the projects flipping just about 2 years ago and continues to enjoy it! Emily is extremely detail oriented and well organized. She has a big passion for fitness and weight training. She is also a licensed cosmetologist and helps family and friends to look amazing! Emily is someone to always rely on, friendly, sassy, funny and a good listener. We enjoy Emily very much!
Carina Cabral
Carina CabralExperience Coordinator
Carina is our Midvale Experience Coordinator. One of her passions is helping people and being a part of their journey to reaching their dreams! Naturally she was drawn to Novation after seeing how she can help in the experience of redefining Title and homeownership. She loves people and loves being around them and we love having her as part of our team!! Carina also enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her Family and dog.

Stansbury Park Office

500 East Village Blvd. Ste 108
Stansbury Park, UT 84074

Lauri Billings
Lauri BillingsEscrow Assistant
Lauri is the perfect fit to the title industry with over 8 years of customer service and office management experience. She is a West Valley native with a contagious smile and fun personality who will make you feel right at home as soon as you walk through the door! Her attention to details, outstanding organization and work ethic make her a perfect fit with our Novation family. She loves being outdoors and spending time with her kids when she is not developing strong connections with our clients. We are so lucky to have her representing the Novation values in Stansbury!

We Love Our Team

“I love working with Novation title because everyone always go the extra mile to help me and my clients to have an outstanding experience!”
Jona Gamboa, Client
“Spencer was so amazing and made it very easy for us to close on our house! They were so polite and relaxed it made the process so smooth. Have nothing but positive things to say about him and the company. So eager to please and very quick to answer any questions we had. Everyone there is friendly all the way to the receptionist. Thank you for jump starting this new chapter in our life!”
Chris, Client
“Novation is the best!!!!! Amazing staff, I love working with everyone. Thanks for all your help Novation!!”
Marcela Rivera, Client
“I love working with Nuria and her team. They are on the ball and go above and beyond for our clients. Thanks guys!”
Kari Scott, Client



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