Why Novation?

The vision behind creating Novation Title is to create an environment that is completely different for the people. For the consumers, the clients and the employees. Title insurance is the same coverage for the most part and where we can be a difference is by creating an extraordinary experience for everyone.

We value the team concept, we understand that we are not here as individuals but are here as a group and as one. It is important that you know we are committed to your team and we are in this together. We have coaching within our company to where we collectively strive to get better each and every day. We are creators of possibilities and people of integrity. We celebrate diversity and achievement and want to inspire around us.

Our mission as a company is “We provide an extraordinary experience for our clients. We understand we protect one of the most important investments in people’s lives.”

If you’d like to have an impact like this for your business, it is the very reason why we should meet.

Services We Provide


We are the neutral party between consumers who purchase, sale or refinance a property and everyone else throughout the transaction. We explain all of necessary documents at the time of signing.


We have the fiduciary duty to the transaction so we collect and disburse most funds that are a part of the transaction. Including your down payment, cash to close, sale proceeds and at times earnest money.

Title Insurance

We provide a title insurance policy. We protect real estate owners and lenders against any property loss or damage they might experience because of liens, encumbrances or defects in the title to the property.

Our People

Nuria Martindale
Nuria MartindaleOwner
Nuria has been in the Title and Escrow business for over 10 years. Nuria came to this country when she was 11 years old and learned a new culture and language. Her family comes from Spain and Mexico and she feels grateful to have an understanding of three different cultures and feels a connection to all of them. She feels her purpose in life is to develop, inspire and empower our world. She loves to read, evolve and learn! The reason for creating Novation Title for her is all about redefining the experience for people including employees of this company through her strong leadership. Being a Millennial, Nuria feels she has created a completely different company in a non-traditional way. Nuria loves art, running, yoga and spending time developing and coaching people.
Spencer Steed
Spencer SteedEscrow Officer
Spencer was born in Ogden Utah, but has lived in Salt Lake for a few years. He has a passion for riding motorcycles and spending time with his wife. He got into the business because his father was in lending for many years. Spencer originated loans on and off for 10 years and decided to make a change into the title industry because of a great opportunity to work for the Martindale Team. Spencer is such an important asset to our company because he is always so eager to help, he’s motivated, coachable and everyone loves to be around him. Because of his strong background with loan origination, he has knowledge and answers to many questions that have come up on the closing table. Spencer is a part of the Martindale Team at Novation Title and he’s one to go above and beyond.
Heidi Leffler
Heidi LefflerSenior Escrow Assistant
Heidi has been in the title business for over 9 years. She has been working with Nuria for over 2 years and her calm personality is a great balance for everyone. She is quick to step in to make sure our clients are receiving excellent customer service. Her attention to detail and fast response time is something so needed for the experience we are creating. She loves spending time with her family and going camping. Heidi is a very loyal person, good listener and has a dry sense of humor that brings our office many laughs and takes us by surprises. Our clients love Heidi and so do we!
Shannon Haacke
Shannon HaackeOffice Manager
Shannon is extremely proactive at her job and super detail oriented. She loves spreadsheets and organizing! Shannon has a strong background in managing offices at a district level. Her passion for loving where she works is extremely important for her as we are together for many hours of the day. She has many strengths but some include, incorporating practices to streamline processes and procedures, improving customer service, sales and workflow. She joined Novation Title because she wanted a challenge and has always wanted to work in the real estate industry. She loves to spend time with her husband and one of her goals is to travel more. She is very honest, kind, hardworking, and she loves to help others. We have a gem!
Raquel Leota
Raquel LeotaEscrow Assistant
Although Raquel moved frequently growing up within 8 states, she feels like she found a home in Utah and loves it. She had some experience with our industry and left the business for about 3 years. She is now back because she loves paperwork, the need for attention to detail and being organized. Title work is right up her alley. Raquel enjoys to spend time with her family, she loves traveling and being outdoors and what a perfect state for that! We are very lucky to have Raquel as a part of Novation to help us stay organized. We love her positive energy as it adds to our incredible environment/culture. We love our new team player!
Tami Poe
Tami PoeEscrow Officer
Tami is from the Salt Lake/Syracuse area. She has been in the industry for over 9 years and what has kept her passion alive has been the people! Her nurturing instinct shows up on every closing and transaction she helps with as she puts herself in the clients shoes. What most look for in an Escrow Officer is exactly the qualities Tami has which are caring for others and attention to detail. She loves to camp, cook, read and to hike! She is very loyal, honest and an extremely dedicated team player. She is a big asset to the Novation family!
Josep Rivera
Josep RiveraEscrow Officer
Josep habla Español! He arrived to the USA as a toddler so he did grow up in Utah. Josep comes from a Spanish/Mexican family, in fact he was born in Mexico. He was inspired to work in this industry because of his sister as he saw an example in her for what hard work and determination can do. He is very detailed oriented and his caring for others aligns with Novation’s mission. He is a non-judgmental, mellow guy who is very charismatic. He loves to help, in fact, not long ago he returned from a two year mission where he served his church full time. It gave him the opportunity to train, serve and lead many people. He enjoys rock-climbing, playing the guitar, hiking, camping and fishing. He makes our office happy!
Heidi Evans
Heidi EvansSenior Assistant/Escrow Officer
Heidi is a Salt Lake native. What has kept Heidi in the Title industry for over 17 years? Watching the success of others as well as the ability to constantly be learning gave her the drive to keep moving up! She is a part of the Martindale Team and is a tremendous asset to our company. Due to her knowledge on every different type of transaction that comes along, everyone needs her expertise. Heidi’s strengths are many but one that really helps us is her ability to keep things moving calmly when we have high stress days. Thank you for being kind, honest, and thoughtful and for your calming energy!
Ashlee Baer
Ashlee BaerEscrow Assistant
Ashlee has been in the Title & Escrow industry for almost 4 years. She loves to challenge herself as growth is important for her. Ashlee is such an asset to our family as she is detail oriented and gives that extraordinary experience to our clients. She is honest, a hard worker and has a fun personality. She loves spending time with her family and friends and she loves to travel. She also enjoys the outdoors and is passionate about animals. She is very aligned with what Novation is all about and we are super lucky to have her.
MIchael Anderson
MIchael AndersonTitle Officer
Mike was born in Bountiful Utah. He has been in the industry for over 5 years and his reason for being a part of it is he sees that a real estate transaction can be one of the biggest decisions people make in life. He feels it’s rewarding to be part of it. Mike has seen the industry from different sides as he started his career litigating against lenders and title companies. He has shifted to advising and defending title companies as well as filling the title search and commitment review functions. Mike loves skiing, solving puzzles and programming. He is honest, a good listener and adventurous. We love having Mike around, he is a big asset to Novation!
Gabby Viana-Mayer
Gabby Viana-MayerExperience Coordinator
Gabby is our very charismatic team member who loves to play volleyball, being active and appreciates the outdoors. What attracted her to our company was the atmosphere and culture that Novation has which made the industry exciting. Her personality is very outgoing, adventurous and her happiness just radiates. She always makes everyone feel welcome which is the very most important impact as a first impression. Gabby is willing to do what it takes to assure anyone that walks through our doors feels the energy of our company which is solely focused on redefining the experience and the people. Come meet Gabby!
Amy Garnica
Amy GarnicaEscrow Assistant
Amy was born in LA and lived in different places within California and Mexico. She is very outgoing, loves meeting new people and making friends. She has always wanted to be in Escrow as she has enjoyed the process of being a part of homeownership. She has been in the business for more than 2 years and is excited to learn and grow. Amy is honest, kind, fun and a hard worker. She also loves to spend time with her family, loves music and to hike. With her hunger for growth she is ready to step into a role where she can expand and help people with her strengths. She is very warm, loving and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Amy is a superstar y habla Español!
MaryAnn Farlaino
MaryAnn FarlainoRelationship Rep
MaryAnn has been in the business for over 9 years and loves to build long lasting friendships with her clients and the people around her. She has a 2 year old baby girl whom she adores! She loves nature and enjoying the beach, the mountains and of course spending time with her family and friends. MaryAnn is very aligned with Novation as she is focused on the experience for the people. She understands we are here to be of service and contribution and wants to make a difference within this homeownership process for everyone. She is honest, compassionate and a good friend. If you don’t know MaryAnn you will! We are super excited to have her on board.
Novation Team

Our Clients Love Us

“Nuria Martindale is the best escrow officer I have had the privilege of working with. I’ve been in the industry for over 9 years and have worked with various title companies and Nuria has exceeded every expectation. She has a can do attitude and always looks to solve problems, she is extremely professional and great with clients and other industry partners. She not only gets the job done and pays attentions to even the smallest details, but she is an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Paola Martinsen, Client
“I have known Nuria Martindale for 8 years now and would’t trust my title work with anyone else. Her and her team are prompt, have great integrity, fantastic energy and most of all; they are obsessed with making sure that me and my clients have a great experience. This is why I have worked with Nuria for years and why I won’t go anywhere else. If you want your expectations exceeded, call Nuria and her team; they are phenomenal.”
Joseph Gordon, Client
“Novation is the best!!!!! Amazing staff, I love working with everyone. Thanks for all your help Novation!!”
Marcela Rivera, Client
“I love working with Nuria and her team. They are on the ball and go above and beyond for our clients. Thanks guys!”
Kari Scott, Client



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