It’s true what they say: ‘Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success.’ And while they also say that you shouldn’t pay too much attention to what others think of you, it is our business to care what you think. And we do, because without our tribe, we wouldn’t BE.

We are constantly asking our clients for constructive feedback on their experience with us and looking at ways we can improve. We LOVE the verbal feedback, but sometimes actions speak even louder than words. One of the biggest compliments we can receive is when you continue to come back and work with us time and time again!

At our last client appreciation event, we put a few of our ardent supporters on the spot and asked them, ‘Why Novation?’ (Brave of us, right?) Luckily, their answers were right in line with our vision and what we have hoped to create. Some of our favorite adjectives: Responsive, available, thorough, friendly, positive, welcoming, personable. There was one response, however, that seemed to be the most popular among our clients — and one that is very important to us: personalized.

One of our long-standing clients described it best: “You need to go to a title insurance company where you know 100% that every single home closing is going to be top of the line, spot on, and they’re going to have those personal touches that almost humanize the experience. That’s one of the most important things for me, and I love working with them.”  

Thanks, Ryan! We love working with you, too.

Another client described us using a word that is extremely important to us as well: charitable. Last month during our annual April Giveback, we pledged to give 5% of our net sales to an incredible organization in our community Canines with a Cause. We were able to deliver a check to them last week and they were humbled by the donation and excited to put it to good use. Thank you to everyone who helped with this contribution!

If the incredible support of our clients wasn’t enough, another huge honor happened for us recently. For the second year in a row, we were awarded ‘Best of State’ in the Title/Escrow category. We couldn’t accomplish this without a very special, hard-working and committed team and clientele who connects to our purpose and vision. We let you brag about us, but it is us who should be bragging about you. From our owner:

“THANK YOU to everyone who supports us and for your true loyalty! Thank you for being fans of what we are doing because you know we are doing this for a bigger purpose and impact. We love serving you.”


-The Novation Title Insurance Team